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Standup & Prosper

Async standups for your remote team

Simple. Reliable. Forever free.

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Set it up

  • Pick a channel and whom to include
  • Choose your standup schedule
  • Use our default questions or enter your own
Standup configuration
A standup report in Slack

Standup and prosper

  • Report your standup any time to our bot
  • You will get a reminder in case you forget
  • Everyone’s answers are posted to your channel
  • Standup is reported in a neat, clean thread

Historical reports

  • See frequently answered questions
  • Check the overview of how your team is doing
  • Find your stars!
Standup report
Standup support link

Help and support

Looking for reliability?

Standup & Prosper offers more than just the community version. If you want higher reliability or premium support, check out upgrading your workspace: Standup & Prosper Plans.


Standup & Prosper focuses on helping your team members that participate, everyone else is free!

  • Standup Community

  • Your team gets the core features of Standup. Out of the box, just what your team needs:

  • Customizable questions
  • Unlimited standups
  • Unlimited team members
  • Quick reply
  • Timezone aware
  • Threaded responses
  • SSO
  • Support Standard

  • Support your team by getting all the awesome features of Standup and additionally:

  • Extended data retention
  • First class APIs
  • Service webhooks
  • Priority user support
  • Standups for shared workspace channels
  • Dynamic answers and advanced scheduling
  • Standup editors and reviewers
  • Prosper Premium

  • Encourage your team to prosper by getting all the awesome features of Standup & Prosper:

  • Includes all Standup Support features
  • Unlimited standup history
  • Legendary user support
  • Extended configuration
  • Data residencies
  • Custom contracts and Pay by invoice

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